Peruvian-American Chamber of Commerce Welcomes Original Founding Director Alcides I. Avila

Founding Partner Alcides I. Avila of the Miami, Florida-based Avila Rodriguez Hernandez Mena & Garro LLP (AVILA) has partnered with the Peruvian-American Chamber of Commerce (PERUSA) to continue to support Peruvian businesses and individuals with U.S. interests.

PERUSA was founded in 1990 and has around 500 members. Its mission is to promote business between the U.S. and Peru, by driving entrepreneurship and business growth in different markets, and to “defend, respect, and represent the general interests of commerce, industry, and services.”

The chamber offers various levels of membership and benefits, including access to networking opportunities, the ability to promote members’ business or profession, and organizing and attending seminars, meetings and conferences. The organization also has a long history of advocacy. In 1991, at the height of the cholera epidemic in Latin America, PERUSA’s lobbying efforts with the FDA and USDA authorities were instrumental in lifting the ban on Peruvian imports of fresh and frozen foods in the United States. Currently, the chamber estimates that, on an annual basis, the aggregate sales volume generated between members and friends of the chamber exceeds $20 million — and continues to grow.

“I’m honored to step back into a more active role in promoting PERUSA and its members, and I look forward to facilitating more growth and opportunities with and for our partners,” said Mr. Avila.